Best Biriyani In Kolkata - 10 Restaurants To Head For Lip Smacking Biryani

Bengalis are emotionally attached to biryani and its special aloo. Kolkata has biryani outlets in all the nooks and corners of the city. Here, you will get a chance to drool over the different types of Awadhi, Hyderabadi, and special Kolkata Biryani. All the top restaurants of Kolkata that serve biryani have their specialty. Here is a list of restaurants that serves the best biryani in Kolkata.

best biriyani in Kolkata
Best Biriyani In Kolkata


Arsalan Biryani serves the authentic Kolkata Biryani. The light yellowish color plain biriyani of Arsalan is perfect for the hot and humid weather of Kolkata.

Arsalan Biryani comes with perfectly cooked potatoes and eggs on a bed of rice. It is not very rich or oily and less spicy. Other popular items are Chaap, Rezala dishes, and Firni. Kebabs are also good, but their prices on the higher side.

Established in the year 2002, Arsalan has eight branches in the city. Its largest and prime outlet is at Park circus.

Location: Park Circus, Ripon Street, Circus Avenue, Diamond Harbour, Hati Bagan, Rajar Haat, Jessore Road, EM Bypass

Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 is the place to relish the Nawabi biryani amidst the period-style ambience. It undoubtedly serves one of the best biryanis in Kolkata. The restaurant has derived its name from the Indian princely state Oudh(Awadh), whose capital was Lucknow. They serve Awadhi-style biryani. So, you will not find Kolkata biryani special Aloo in their biryani.

Raan Biryani, Awadhi Biryani, Handi Biryani are their signature Biryani items. If you plan to visit this place, then do not miss their Galawati Kebab. Other popular items are Lucknawi parantha, Mutton Gulkand, Kakori Kebab, and Moti biryani.

Location: Deshapriya Park, Southern Avenue, Naktala, Salt Lake, Jessore Road, Tollygunge Club (Exclusively for Club Members)

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Dada Boudi restaurant

The rich and spicy biryani of Dada Boudi is a mixture of Kolkata Biryani and Awadhi biryani. Their mutton and chicken biryani both are equally famous. Their biryani is also popular for serving huge pieces of mutton. Other recommended items are Tandoori chicken, Chicken Do Pyaza, and chicken chaap.

Dada Boudi restaurant has three branches. The original restaurant is a small outlet near the Barrackpore railway station. Before the Covid pandemic, the restaurant used to serve biryani in banana leaves. There is also a premium three-storied AC restaurant near the Barrackpore station. The ambience of the premium restaurant is good. The third branch is at Sodepur.

They are serving biryani for the past 60 years.

The dada Boudi biriyani lovers consider this as the best biriyani in Kolkata. You can reach this place by local train, car or bus.

Location - Barrackpore, Sodepur


Hanglaatherium is the latest craze among the biryani lovers of Kolkata. Their light biryani with fewer spices gives the authentic taste Of Kolkata Biryani. They also serve Biryani combos.

Other popular items are mutton bhuna kebab, chicken Pasinda, mutton Hanglaabari. Their special dish Dilli6 is the Kolkata version of Aslam butter chicken from Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

College students love the funky ambience of the restaurant.

Location: Lake Gardens, Kamalagazi

India Restaurant

India Restaurant, located near the fancy market of Khidderpore, is the hidden gem of the city. This place is presenting lip-smacking food in the city for the past 60 years. It is famous for its Kacchi biryani.

India restaurant best biriyani in Kolkata
India Restaurant

Their dish Murg Musallam is quite popular, and you have to order this two hours before you come. Another notable dish is Daryabadi Biryani Which is a type of Kacchi biryani with dry fruits. The rich biryani of India restaurant is not the Kolkata biriyani. The exquisite ambience and classy decoration provide the best dining experience.

Location - Khidderpore

Royal Indian Hotel

Royal Indian Hotel is the oldest Mughlai restaurant in the city. This heritage hotel is located near the Nakhoda masjid of the Burrabazar area. This restaurant is for people who love spicy and rich biryani. The biryani here is authentic Lucknow style, so they do not have potatoes and eggs in their biryani.

The taste of their special dish, Shahi tukda, is eternal.

Their specialty lies in Mutton biryani, Mutton Pasinda, Murg Mussalam, Rumali roti, and tandoori kebab.

Location - Barabazar Market


Aminia is one of the oldest Mughlai/Awadhi food joints of Kolkata. Their first outlet was opened up in the city in 1929. and since then, they are serving authentic Kolkata biryani for the past 90 years. They have nine branches in the city. Aminia is Famous for its Awadhi Biryani, Mughlai food, and Nolen Gurer ice cream.

Location - New Market, Rajarhat, Jessore Road, Shyam Bazar, Golpark, Behala, Barrackpore, Srerampore, Sodepur

Shimla Biriyani

Shimla Biryani is a restaurant in Topsia that serves you one of the best biryanis in Kolkata. They offer around 11 varieties of biryani. Their zafrani biryani and mutton keema biryani are the best sellers. Their specialty is that they cook biryanis in a separate clay pot. So, the spices and herbs get well infused into the meat. The long, aromatic rice, along with the tender meat make it a whole and perfect serving.

Location - E. M. Bypass

Hazi Saheb

Haji Saheb’s Biryani is famous for the quality of meat served and has its own following. They prepare the Kolkata-style biryani with potatoes and eggs. Their special mutton biriyani is the dish to go for. Hazi Saheb is also hugely popular for its rolls, kebabs, and phirni.

Location - Park Circus, Behala

Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz biryani tastes like Hyderabad biryani. It is spicy and has a flavor of dry fruits and nuts, coriander, and masalas. It is not a typical dry Kolkata-style biryani, and potatoes are not there. In Behrouz biryani, you will find several pieces of well-cooked boneless mutton and a spicy flavourful gravy from the base of the biriyani that is layered on top with dry fruits.

Location - Ballygunge

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