Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Nicknames | Why Daak Naam Is Important

Bengalis have the culture of having two names, Daak Naam(nickname) and Bhalo Naam(official name). The outside world recognizes you with your Bhalo Naam, and family members and relatives choose to address you with your Daak Naam. Daak Naam is your pet name or nickname. Only your family, relatives, and neighbors know about this name.

Bengali nickname of Baby Boy

These nicknames have no similarity to the official name. These nicknames have no meaning, and mostly they are quite embarrassing. However, it is said, that a more outrageous or awkward pet name means you are more pampered in the family. The nickname of Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is Pepsi.

These names are also quite common. Like you will find Babai and Papai in every second household of Bengal. Choton and Chotka names remain occupied for the youngest kid in the house.

There is also a trend of creating a rhythm with the nicknames of kids in the household. For example, if in a family, three boys are there, then chances are there that they will be named Shantu, Mantu, and Jhontu, Or Papan, Baban, and Tatan.

In few cases, nicknames can also be a short-form of the official name. Like, Rodh for Roddur. The pet name of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore was Robi.

Sometimes nicknames are given based on the personality of the kid. Like a naughty child gets the name Dustu(meaning notorious In Bengali). The former president of India, Pranab Mukherjee, was fondly known as Poltu. As a young schoolboy, he used to bundle his clothes in the paper and tuck them under an arm and march off to school bare feet through the fields of his village. His mannerisms resembled of a marching platoon (polton in Bengali). So, he got the name Poltu.

Some nicknames are embarrassing. Budho(Old man), Kochi(Small), Puchku(Little one), etcetera, are quite common nicknames in Bengal. Well, imagine the irony of a grown-up being addressed with these names.

Some people also become so famous with their nicknames that people forget their official names. Do you know the popular actor Gouranga Chakraborty? Well, he is none other than our Disco dancer Mithun Da. Alokesh Lahiri is no one else but the musician Bappi Lahiri. Also, famous Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta's official name is Biswaroop.

Some famous Bengali personalities are successful with both names. Bengali actor Prosenjit Chatterjee is equally popular with his pet name Bumba Da. Satyajit Ray is still fondly remembered as Manik Da.

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List Of Common Bengali Nicknames Of Baby Boy

Babai, Baban, Babu, Babloo, 
Babusona, Bumba,  Bapi, 
Bappa, Bappi, Budho, Boda, Bubu, Bubai, Burai, Bhombla, 
Bhombol, Babla, Bubul, Boltu, Babua, Bittu, Babun
Papai, Papan, Putan, Puron, Poltu, Potol, Pupai,
Potla, Pocha, Potkai, Puppu, Pochai, Panchu, Pota
Rana, Raja, Raju, Munna, Montu, Modon, Sona, Shantu, Sontu
Tatai, Tatan, Topu, Tuba, Tubai, Toton, Topshe, Tublu, Tubul
Gogol, Gadai, Helly, Ujji, Fucha, 
Puchku, Puchka, Pintu, Pinku, Papu
Choton, Chotka, Dustu, Habra , Khoka,  Habul, Ghoton, Kaltu,
Laltoo, Ladoo, Tutul, Kannu, Guru, Tiklu, Titan

Nowadays, these nicknames have become a bit better.

Uncommon Bengali Baby Boy Nicknames

Titu, Turai, Ringo, Ricky, Rick, Jojo, Rodh, Ray, Ronnie, 
Jhony, Don, Posto, Titir, Titim, Zico, Pablo, Pele, Remo, 
Pico, Rimo, Archie, Sunny, Shanky, Ron, Rizu, Jit, Joy, Suvo, Jisshu

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