20 Best Restaurants In Asansol That You Must Try

The food scene of Asansol is a mix of high-end restaurants, small eating hubs, fast food restaurants, and more. The options suit every pocket. All you need to know about Asansol city.

Best restaurants in Asansol
best restaurants In Asansol

Best Restaurants In Asansol

1. 66 Grand Trunk Restaurant

The magnificent 3-star Asansol Internation Hotel's restaurant features vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters from Indian, Chinese, and Continental menus. It is a very well-maintained and scrupulously clean property. The beautifully designed interiors of the restaurant create a captivating ambience. The food and service are impressive.

Location: Hotel Asansol International , Murgasol
Specialty: Indian, Chinese, and Continental
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Available

2. The Grand Aroma

The multicuisine restaurant of Grand hotel- Grand Aroma and Grand Saffron are elegantly furnished. The Grand aroma is for non-vegetarians and The Grand Saffron for vegetarians. They provide a great fine dining experience for food lovers. The delicious food, fantastic service, easily commutable and prime location make this one of the best restaurants in Asansol. There is ample parking space in front and the basement of the hotel. The vegetarian restaurant serves Rajasthani and north Indian cuisine.

Location: Hotel Grand, Ushagram
Specialty: Tandoor items, Rajasthani, North Indian food
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Available

3. Citi Residency

Located away from the hustle and bustle of crowded streets of Asansol, Citi Residency is a good place for dinner with family and amigos. If your budget is a little high, then choose this well-maintained, hygienic restaurant with superior quality.

The only issue is the location. It is located on the outskirts, approximately ten km outside Asansol city. You have to commute here in your vehicle.

Location: NH2, Ningha Rd, Asansol
Specialty: Indian, Chinese
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Available

4. Royal Hotel

Located in the crowded street of Bastin Bazar, the legendary Royal hotel has been serving the best biryani for the last four decades. Pretty much everyone in Asansol has drooled over the biryani of Royal. The taste of biryani is too good. 

Regular visitors highly recommend the Mughlai items like Chap, Rezala, and Firni. The hotel has been renewed and is looking awesome after its new setup. This hotel is within walking distance of the Asansol bus stand.

Location: Bastin Bazar area near Asansol Bus stand
Specialty: Biryani, Mughlai items
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Not Available

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5. Sudha Amrit

It is one of the oldest restaurants in the town. Food taste and quality have not changed a bit. It is located on the busiest market in Asansol, next to Royal Hotel. 

Best restaurants in Asansol for snacks

This small restaurant is best suited for family and friends' gatherings. The stiff steps of the restaurant can be problematic for elders.

Location: Bastin Bazar
Specialty: Chinese dishes, Chicken lollipop, Murg Musallam
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Not Available

6. Durga Foods

Head to this restaurant to have the best vegetarian food in Asansol. The restaurant is pure veg, and you can also order curry with & without onion & garlic. They have a wide variety of menus. Food quality and taste are excellent. Staff behavior is good, and they are cooperative.

Location: GT Rd, Ushagram, Asansol
Specialty: Chinese, Indian
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
Parking: Limited parking space

7. Ganga Hotel

This age-old eating house is one of the most loved restaurants in Asansol. It is situated in the court compound where one can eat one's heart out. It is an absolute go-to place if you are craving Bengali food. 

The basic infrastructure may look unimpressive from the outside, but the quality of food is excellent. Meals can be cheap or expensive according to how much you are willing to spend. Ganga Hotel is very famous for its mutton Kosha, fish curry, aloo posto, and Chutney.

Location: Asansol Court Area, Asansol,
Specialty: Bengali Thali
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian

8. Park Cafe

If you are searching for a south Indian meal, then this is a perfect place for you. Various types of dosa are available here at a reasonable price. Staffs behavior is good, and they do not take too much time to deliver.

Transport connectivity is good, and you don't have to walk a lot from the main road. As there is no a/c facility in summer, an evening visit is preferable.

Location: G.T. Road, Chelidanga, Asansol
Specialty: South Indian
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
Parking: Limited parking

9. Lazeez Express

This place is heaven for Biriyani lovers. You get the delicate taste of the Calcutta biriyani. Their kababs are Lipsmackingreally good. The ambience is pretty good. The on-road location makes it easy to commute.

Location: GT Road, Ushagram, Asansol
Specialty: Biryani, Kebabs
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian

10. Anand Pure Veg Restaurant

This pure veg restaurant does not even use onion and garlic in the dish preparation. People order items from here on auspicious days. The menu is simple, but the food is of superb quality and cheaper than other veg restaurants. The eatery is usually crowded, and the order takes time.

Location: Hutton Road, near Bus stand
Specialty: Veg dishes without onion and garlic
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
Parking: Not Available

11. Bay Leaf restaurant

Good Food, Good ambience, and a range of choices at a reasonable price make Bay Leaf one of the best restaurants in Asansol. The bay leaf also houses a family bar. Although, they do not have a separate sitting place for alcohol consumption. The restaurant is clean and well maintained. Parking is available here so you can come here with your car and bike.

Location: Lower Chelidanga, Opposite Shatabdi Park
Specialty: Desserts, Chinese, Indian, Tandoori.
Restaurant Type: Non-vegetarian
Parking: Available

12. Legends Of Bengal

If you are a Bengali food lover, you need to eat here. It is the only restaurant in the Asansol region where Bengali dishes are served.

Location: Burnpur Rd, Rabindra Nagar
Specialty: Bengali Thali
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian
Parking: Available

13. Jadu Kadai

This multi-cuisine family restaurant has a good ambience. Food is good in terms of quality as well as quantity. Staffs are also very well behaved. Overall, a nice place to hang out with family and friends in a comfortable and cozy environment.

Location: GT Road, Raha Lane, Munshi Bazar, opposite Kolkata Bazar
Specialty: Chinese, Indian
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian
Parking: Available

14. The Theque

This cool and comfortable place has a pleasant ambience. You will enjoy the clean and hygienic atmosphere of the restaurant. Overall, the food taste is superb and mind-boggling. Separate rooms are there for the birthday celebration. It is a great place to spend quality time with friends and family.

Location: Apcar Garden Main Rd, BNR More
Specialty: North Indian, Chinese
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian
Parking: Available

Best Restaurants In Asansol For Sancks

15. Asansol Coffee House

This newly opened Coffee House has become the pride of the city. Coffee House is situated next to Ravindra Bhawan. The grand interior, well-maintained park, and colorful fountains take the ambience to some other level. 

Asansol Coffee House
Asansol Coffee House

This charming place is ideal for spending evenings with friends and family. There is too much rush on weekends.

Location: Apcar Garden Main Rd, BNR More
Specialty: Coffee. Snacks
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian
Parking: Available

16. Tuk Tuk Tawa

This street-side venture offers both snacks and a main course. But, it's mostly known for fast foods. Rolls, both veg and non-veg, options are great but a bit pricey.

The robust flavors and some lip-smacking Punjabi-style food have made this small eating hub popular. Takeout is always preferred over dine-in. It mainly specializes in chicken items, barbeque, and kebab.

Location: Opp. SBI, Murgasol, GT Road, Opposite Durga Foods
Specialty: Tandoor Items, Punjabi Style food
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
Parking:  Available

17. The Peppery

It is a part of the Food court of Sentrum Mall on the ground floor. Tables are placed in the compound under the open sky. In Peppery, one gets a range of vegetarian snacks at a reasonable price. All the items are Mouthwatering. Dabeli, vada-pav, Chole Batore, and Chaat are the best-selling items.

Location - Sentrum Mall, Asansol
Specialty: Dabeli, Dosa, Chaat, Chole Batore
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
Parking:  Sentrum Mall Parking

18. Labela Roll Corner

This fast food corner serves the best chicken roll in the town. It also serves a variety of chicken-made items at moderate prices. One must try their rolls and kebab. The perfect blend of spices can be found in its Chicken Kabab Platters. The Chicken Egg Roll and Egg Roll tastes divine.

Everyone should opt for this outlet if you want a quick non-veg bite in Asansol. You will always find a crowd here. The only drawback is that sitting arrangements are not available as the shop is small.

Location: Pathak Bari, Godhuli Cinema Road
Specialty: Rolls, Kebabs
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian

19. SIP n Bite

This fast food joint serves lip-smacking veg snacks other delicacies at low prices. Try their famous extra cheese pasta and white sauce pasta. There is not enough place to sit.

Location: Burnpur Rd, Asansol Court Area, Opposite Galaxy Mall
Specialty: Pizza, Burger, Pasta
Restaurant Type: Vegetarian

20. Bobby Snacks

This fast-food restaurant is famous for its lip-smacking egg or chicken rolls. It has a distinguished taste at par with the other hotels in town.

Location: Vivekananda Pally, Near Baraf Kal more, S.B GORAI ROAD
Specialty: Egg, Chicken Rolls
Restaurant Type: Non-Vegetarian

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