Naihati Boro Maa - Goddess Kali Who Make Wish Come True

Boro Maa is the famous Maa Kali of Naihati. This 92-year-old Kali Puja is one of the most renowned Pujas of West Bengal. The popular belief is that the Naihati Boro Maa fulfills all wishes of the believers.

Naihati Boro Maa
Naihati Boro Maa
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Naihati, a densely populated city on the banks of the river Ganges, in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, has produced stalwarts in various fields. The list includes the author of national song Vande Mataram, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, social reformer Keshav Chandra Sen, singer Shyamal Mitra, etc. Its municipality is one of the oldest in the country.

People have such a strong belief in Boro Maa that every year thousands of devotees from various places in West Bengal flock into the city during Kali Puja. If their wishes are fulfilled, then to pay homage to the deity, devotees take a dip in the holy river Ganges and come to the Pandal taking Dondi.

The city used to worship a small idol in the form of Rakshya Kali. More than 90 years back, Late Bhavesh Chakraborty and his four friends went to experience Bhanga Rash at Nabadwip. There, they were amazed by the spectacle of big idols. These enormous statues immediately struck their mind. They decided to make a gigantic Kali idol instead of the smaller Rakshya Kali idol in Naihati.

The idol which has been worshipped over the years is 21 feet in height. Initially, on the name of its founder, Goddess was referred to as Bhavesh Kali. After a few years, due to its humungous size, She got the name Baro Kali, and now it is worshipped as Boro Maa.

Naihati Boro Maa
Naihati Boro Maa
Pic Courtesy - Instagram/the_lokkhichele

In 2020, the Naihati Boro Maa will enter 93 years. Initially, the founders celebrated this as the Barir Pujo(Puja at home). They worship the deity as their daughter. Today the Puja is celebrated as a Sarbojanin(open for all) Puja. Naihati Baro Kali Puja Samity organizes and looks into the Puja affairs.

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There is also a Boro Maa temple at Naihati, where the Puja happens daily. Only during Kali Puja, when the large clay idol is worshipped in the Pandal, this Puja comes to a halt.

No subscriptions are raised for this big celebration. The Puja is born by the devotees who donate the jewelry, bhog ( the offered food to Devi), and the puja cost. Every year a large number of devotees contribute as per their wish through money or silver or gold ornaments to Boro Maa.

The Kathamo Pujo(Structure Puja) is performed on the day of Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo. After this, the idol preparation starts. The Puja begins with the Boron ritual. The secretary of the organization welcomes the Goddess by applying sindoor. During the Kali Puja, daily 2000 Kg Of Bhog is offered to Boro Maa for five days. After this, the Bhog Prasad distribution takes place among the devotees.

The idol is completely covered by either silver or gold ornaments. There is no other material used to cover Boro Maa other than silver or gold. Boro Maa stands decorated with 200 Kgs of Silver and 1.1 Kg Of Gold Jewellery.

The duration it continues is the same as Durga Puja that is five days. On the day of immersion Boro Maa attired in flower ornaments is taken out in a procession. Devotees throw Batasha, a kind of sweets, to the idol as a token of homage. On the fifth day, thousands join to carry the gigantic Goddess manually to the river Ganges for immersion. It is a rule that at the time of immersion, the idol of Boro Maa goes first, and then others Maa Kali idols follow her.

With every passing year, the number of devotees visiting this Puja is increasing exponentially. Believers get emotionally connected to Boro Maa. The Puja ends on a high note of spirituality and with the hope that Maa will visit again next year. 

The slogan of Boro Maa is DHARMO HOK JAR JAR BARO MAA SOBAR.

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