Asansol The Land Of Black Diamond - All You Need To Know

Asansol, the Land Of Black Diamond, is located at the heart of coal mines. Asansol got its name from the abundance of Asan and Sal trees in the locality. Asansol, with a population of 14,31,000 in 2020, is the second-largest city of West Bengal after Kolkata. Asansol, also known as the city of brotherhood, as people from different religions and regions co-exist here peacefully.

Asansol City
Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Asansol

History Of Asansol

Asansol was ruled by the Malla kings of Bishnupur(Bankura district) until the emergence of the British. Tinkari Roy, an Aguri, cleared the forest here, and Aguris are known to be the first settlers of this place.

The most historically famous road of the Mughal period, the Grand Trunk Road(G.T.Road) pass through Asansol.

The urban space was created here when the coal mines were found during British Era in Raniganj in the Asansol region. In the year 1774, the first coal mining operation started in the Raniganj coalfield. 

Under the charge of Prince Dwarakanath Tagore, grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore, coal mining became a significant industry. 

On those days, Coal was transported by the boats sailing through the River Damodar. However, this flood-prone river was navigable only for a short period in a year, making the circulation process more time consuming and less dynamic. That led to the opportunity of the establishment of railways in the region.

The opening of rail transport led to the expansion of the coal economy and the growth of Asansol.

Asansol Railway Station

Asansol was not the first choice for railway construction. There is an old story. The landowners of Raniganj were not interested in giving land for the building of railways at that time. The Raj family of Panchakut (Kashipore estate in Purulia) seized this opportunity. They sold a large area of forest land to the East Indian Railway. That is how one of the busiest stations in India came into existence.

Railway Colonies were built, which housed people from different regions. There were workers from all over India. Many Europeans settled in the town. 

Coal and rail attracted a set of industries in the region. The iron and steel industry along, with the planned township of IISCO at Burnpur in Hirapur, adjacent to Asansol town, took off in the early twentieth century.

 It gave a new dimension to the population. Coal mine workers, steel plant workers of different tongues, and the Englishmen comprised the first population of Asansol.

The town also attracted the diverse professional class of lawyers, traders, politicians, doctors, and teachers who formed the so-called elite and constructed the space as evidence of growing urbanization. 

Religious Places in Asansol

Ghagarburi Chandi Mata Temple - Situated on the outskirts of Asansol, the Ghagarburi temple dates back to 1620 AD. Devotees worship Goddess Ghagar Buri, who is one of the incarnations of Goddess Chandi.  

Kalyaneshwari Temple - This 500-year-old temple is surrounded by the Maithan dam. Here, devotees worship Maa Durga and Maa Kali. 

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram - It is the most serene place in the Asansol surrounded by natural beauty. In Ashrama shrine, Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sharada, and Swami Vivekananda are worshipped. At dusk, árati is done, along with bhajans in which monks and devotees participate. The environment is peaceful, and they also have a hall for meditation.

Places for Shopping In Asansol 

Sentrum Mall Asansol
Sentrum Mall Asansol

Sentrum Mall and Galaxy Mall both provide a very lively, vibrant, and unique shopping environment. All medium level brands like Pantaloons and Big Bazar are available in Asansol.

For more brands, you can visit Junction Mall, the city center of Durgapur. It is one hour ride from Asansol and the most happeninplace in this region. 

B.N.Ghanty and Mohan cloth Store are the famous old shops in Asansol. There is a large wholesale market near Hutton Road.

Places To Visit in Asansol

Rabindra Sadan
Rabindra Sadan Asansol

Maithan Dam - Maithan, meaning the place for the Goddess. Maa Kalyaneshwari temple is nearby. Visit this place with your friends and family. The Dam is located amidst a beautiful lake and beautiful green forests. Watching the sunrise and sunset is delightful for tourists, which you must not miss. 

Shatabdi Park - This children's park is located at the heart of the city.  

Polo Ground - This large ground is located at the heart of the city. Many types of celebrations are celebrated here, such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual sports, and the annual functions of many schools. The morning and evening walkers breathe fresh and pure air. Children also come to play here.

Rabindra Sadan - Rabindra Sadan Asansol hosts many cultural events and functions. 

In the old days, Subhash and Godhuli cinema halls were the most popular cinema halls. Subhas cinema used to show free movies during Independence Day. Later, Chitra cinema became more famous. Today, people mostly visit the multiplexes Eyelex and Carnival Cinemas at the Malls.

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Best Schools In Asansol

The missionaries Of Europe set up the first schools at Asansol.  Loreto Convent School, founded in 1877, is the first in Asansol. The European missionaries later set up Saint Vincent, St. Patrick's, and Ushagram Boys School. Initially, St. Patrick’s school for boys and the Loreto convent for girls were boarding schools. These premiere schools are the best in West Bengal.

‌1.  Loreto Convent School - Located at the heart of the town on G.T. Road, this all-girls school is one of the top-rated schools in West Bengal with an excellent academic track record. Sharmila Tagore, a famous Bollywood Actress, is an alumnus of Loreto Convent School, Asansol.

2. St. Patrick's School - Built in the year 1891, it is one of the oldest boys schools in eastern India. The school covers the 10+2 ICSE curriculum. Nowadays, Girls get admission to higher secondary. The school location is just next to the Loreto Convent.

‌3. St. Vincent school - The school is situated on a vast property and follows the ICSE curriculum. Here too, Girls are enrolled only in higher secondary. The school has a large playground and is known to excel in sports.

4. Assembly of God Church School, Sodepur - It is the best co-ed school in the region. It is far from the city and around 10 Km from the Asansol Bus Stand.

5.‌Eastern Railway Higher Secondary School - This School is managed and funded by the ministry of railways. The school mainly caters to the children of Railway employees. Others get admission based on the availability of the seats. It is a Bengali/Hindi Medium school.

‌6. Ramkrishna Mission School, Asansol - It is a Bengali medium school for boys. School gives education till class 10. The campus location is next to the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram.

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Best Colleges In Asansol

Banwarilal Bhalotia College - B.B. College comes under Kazi Nazrul University and offers undergraduate courses(Honours and Program both)and postgraduate courses in Science, Commerce, and Arts. Professional courses are also available. 

‌Bidhan Chandra Roy College B.C. College, affiliated to Kazi Nazrul University, owes its name to the former chief minister of Bengal, Shri Bidhan Chandra Roy. Here also, both program and honors courses are available.

Asansol Girl's College - The girl's College offers undergraduate courses in Science, Commerce, and Arts.  

‌Asansol Engineering College - The engineering college is affiliated with the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology. It offers B.Tech, BCA, BBA, MCA, M Tech in various disciplines. All the relevant programs are AICTE approved. 

Best Restaurants In Asansol

Asansol has still retained its old charm when it comes to the eatery. Sudha Amrit and Jadu Kadhai remain the top family restaurant. If you are visiting Asansol after a long time, you might encounter the same staff that was there decades ago. 

Durga Foods is the best option for vegetarians. Park Cafe is famous for South Indian cuisine. The taste of Royal Biryani and the Mughlai Porota of Himland is unmatchable.

 Sugar n Spice and Kathleen remains the best choice in Bakery items. Calcutta Sweets and Hindustan Sweets are the best sweet shops.

Asansol City
Calcutta Sweets Asansol

Nowadays, Lazeez Biryani has become very popular. Asansol also hosts fast food restaurant chains KFC, Domino's Pizza, Cafe Coffee Day. Asansol Coffee House is the latest name on the list. 

The Eastern Railway Asansol Division has converted the two old train coaches into two themed aesthetically pleasing restaurants name Chai Chun and WoW Bhojan. It is just outside the Asansol Railway Station. This unique theme is also called Restaurant on the Wheels.

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