Best 11 Posh Residential Place To Live In Kolkata 2021

Are you looking for information on the best places to live in Kolkata, the City of Joy? Do you want to have information on the posh areas of Kolkata? If yes, then this article is for you. Keep reading to know about some of the best residential areas and localities of the city. In this article, we will talk about the best place and posh area to live in Kolkata.

Best Place To Live In Kolkata
Best Place To Live In Kolkata
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Kolkata, the state capital of West Bengal, is also known as the cultural capital of India. Kolkata is for passionate people. Here wealthy and poor both can survive. 

The metro city has still retained its old charm.  The people of this congested city are quite helpful. 

North Kolkata still has the same old nostalgia and old houses. It is cheaper than living in other parts of Kolkata.

Generally, people who come from other states or countries prefer to settle in South Kolkata as it is more modern and has better infrastructure.

1. Alipore 

Alipore is the elite and premium locality of Kolkata. It is also one of the costliest places in India.  Alipore, one of the oldest areas of the city, has historical values that give us a glimpse of Old Kolkata heritage like  Alipore Zoo, Taj Bengal, National Library, and Race Course.

Alipore has the maximum no of old bungalows and Victorian houses, some of which are more than 100 years old. 

Posh areas of Kolkata
Alipore: Posh Areas Of Kolkata
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This place is also one of the safest areas in Kolkata to stay as the entire area is under CCTV surveillance. Many business tycoons and top bureaucrats reside here.

The average price per square fit is 14000. The area enjoys the best hospitals, courts, and schools in the city. It is well connected and accessible from different parts of the city through the bus, taxi, and Auto.  

2. Bhowanipore 

Bhowanipur is one of the poshest and oldest parts of South Kolkata. This locality is the heart of the city. Wealthy, highly educated immigrants and celebrities reside in this part of town. All basic amenities like hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, and banks are available nearby. 

The nearest metro station is Netaji Bhawan. This proper residential area has connectivity to almost anywhere in the city. The place is easily accessible to Central Kolkata and job hubs of Salt Lake and New Town. 

The Average price per square fit is Rs. 10,500. The average monthly rent for a decent 2BHK is 25-30K.

3. Ballygunge

Ballygunge is one of the best living areas in South Kolkata. The residents of this affluent place are mostly Bengali families who are living in the area for decades. It is very approachable and safe.

The property prices are high owing to exceptional location benefits. Gariahat Market and Kasba Market, which is also the cheapest market in Kolkata, is within 5 mins walking distance. The most happening place in Kolkata, Park Street, is only 5 Km from here. Metro is only 5 minutes by Auto/Bus. 

 Palm Avenue is a posh residential locality in the Ballygunge area of South Kolkata. Do keep in mind that you will face high traffic congestion during office hours.

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 10000. The average monthly rent for a decent 2BHK is 25-30K.

4. New Alipore

It is an upscale neighborhood in Kolkata. The area comprises of the mostly residential area. People from different communities like Bengali, Marwari, and Punjabi live here in a mixed culture with a sense of togetherness.  

The prominent areas are Buroshibtalla, Chetla, Raja Santosh Road, and BL Saha Road.  Buroshibtalla is an excellent location and very well connected to the different parts of the city. 

Ideal Exotica and Vyom are some of the luxury projects in this area. 

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 7000. The average monthly rent for a decent 2BHK is 20-25K.

5. Park Street

posh areas of Kolkata
Park Street: Posh Areas Of Kolkata

This is the most happening place in Kolkata. It is the prime commercial and entertainment zones of the city. The area is a hub for many corporate offices.

Park Street comes alive at night with the numerous bars and nightspots, and it has been a traditional spot for those visiting during the festive season especially, Christmas and New Year.

The rent for 3BHK starts from Rs. 40000.

6. Salt Lake

Salt Lake is a well-planned township comprising independent houses and apartment buildings. It is neat and clean. This place is full of greenery and a pollution-free environment. The whole area is divided blockwise, and each block has its market and playground. 

It's proximity to the airport and a prominent employment hub make it the best place to live in Kolkata. The roads are well maintained and have proper connectivity with the city through all modes of transportation. You will face traffic congestion during office hours.

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 6500. The average monthly rent is 15-20K.

7. Behala

It is one of the oldest residential localities in Kolkata. The area is densely populated, and mostly middle-class people reside here. The place comprises of low rising apartments and standalone houses.

People are warm and helpful. It is one of the cheapest places to live in KolkataYou will get all the items at affordable prices.

However, If your office is at Salt lake or Newtown, then you have to spend a lot of time in travel. The main road becomes quite congested because of the ongoing metro work.

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 3800. The average monthly rent for a decent 2BHK is 8-10K.

8. Tollygunge

This locality in South Kolkata is famous because of the Tollywood(Bengali) film industry, many studios located here. It has a mix of high-rise apartment complexes and independent houses. 

Its major plus point is its connectivity to metro and suburban rail networks. Famous South City projects are nearby.  If you like to go for a morning walk, then Lake and Golf Green Park are within 15-20 minutes walking distance. 

It is a very posh locality with an ample amount of greenery and modern lifestyle amenities. The area becomes congested during peak office hours.

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 11000.

9. Newtown

Newtown is a planned locality comprising a mix of residential, commercial, IT, and institutional areas. It is the upcoming IT hub of West Bengal, hence popular among IT professionals. New Town is a fast-growing, planned satellite city of Kolkata. 

It comes under the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Newtown is too far and removed from city life.  Lots of residential flats with modern amenities are coming up in this area. 

The area is well connected, and the mode of transportation is bus and taxi. Here metro work is going on in full swing. 

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 5000. The average monthly rent of a decent 2BHK is 10K.

10. EM Bypass

Many new flat constructions are going on here, which means it is going to be the new destination for luxury living in Kolkata. E M Bypass locality has come up rapidly with many hotels, schools, and hospitals. 

EM Bypass: Posh Residential Areas Of Kolkata
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The connectivity in this locality has made it a great place to reside, and more families are moving here. It's just ten minutes away from City Centre Mall in Salt Lake, and New Town is barely a 15-minute drive too. Proper connectivity to schools, hospitals, colleges, railheads, metro & airport. 

The major hospitals around the road include Peerless, Fortis, Medica, Ruby, Desun, Apollo Gleneagles, and AMRI. The best residential multistoried projects have come upon this road.

Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 7000.

11. Rajarhat

Situated in the northern outskirts of Kolkata, Rajarhat is one of the booming localities of Kolkata and ideal for corporate professionals. Prominent IT parks like Gitanjali Park, Ecospace and, Unitech are all nearby.  

The area is developing fast and exponentially. The place is twenty minutes from Kolkata Airport.  This place is not so happening as it is on the outskirts of the city, but the environment is peaceful and calm. 

It has premium high-rise residential areas, shopping malls. Per square feet rate of flats is around Rs. 4600. The average monthly rent of a 2BHK is 10k.

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