Mamata Banerjee's Journey To Become The Prominent Political Face Of India

The 2021 assembly election verdict conveys that Didi is the only Dada of Bengal. Mamata Banerjee is all set to become the Chief Minister of Bengal for the straight third time. Didi has earned the respect of opposition for the struggles and hardships that she has endured to reach this point. Mamata has stormed many bastions before. Let's take a look at the journey of this fearless street fighter who has fought her battles alone. 

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Mamata Banerjee: A Star Was Born

Didi started politics at the age of 15. She used to ride the bus to attend meetings. Indira Gandhi was her idol. Her firebrand speeches caught the attention of the Congress leader. Soon, she joined the youth wing. During her formative years, she used to paint slogans and stick posters on the wall. Sometimes served tea to senior leaders. A new chapter in Indian politics was about to unfold. 

 Life is an open book full of blank pages you write the story as you go.

Didi Wrote History, Blindsided CPM leader Somnath Chatterjee

Next came the 1984 Loksabha election. Somnath Chatterjee, the heavyweight CPM stalwart, was contesting from the Jadavpur constituency. It was undoubted that he would get an easy win. None of the leaders from Congress wanted to face the humiliating defeat. When everyone refused, at last, Didi, the youth congress leader, was given a chance. There was no hope. But, Mamata, the lion-hearted, was determined to put in a big performance. With her hard work and dedication, she wrote the history and became the youngest parliamentarian of that time. That was the only election that Somnath Chaterjee lost in his career.

Mamata Survived The Deadly Attack

August 16, 1990, Mamata was the state congress youth chief. She was leading a rally when she was attacked and hit repeatedly with a stick. Her skull got fractured. She was at the hospital for over one month. In multiple instances, she survived the deadly attacks. These violent attacks from the opposition took her to the high spot in state politics. She knew how to convert her struggles into an opportunity. 

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

It was a cold January day in Kolkata. Didi, then cabinet minister, had gone to the Writer's building(CM office) to meet chief minister, Jyoti Basu, to seek justice for a dumb and deaf rape victim. But, CM refused to meet her. She sat on a dharna in front of his office. Police dragged her by hairs, shoved down the staircase, and dumped on the ground. For a cabinet minister, it was a humiliation beyond measure. She promised herself that she would never step into this building until she gets the dignity and respect that she deserves. Eighteen years later, she entered the Writer's Building again when she took oath as a Chief Minister. 

Beware, Speakers, Didi, Is In Town 

Speakers have always faced the ire of didi's fury in parliament. Once she hurled her shawl on Speaker P. A. Sangma. On another occasion, she threw a sheaf of papers on the speaker's desk as she was not allowed to speak. Dragging an MP by the collar, when he opposed the women's reservation Bill, made headlines. Later, in the 2019 election, her party gave 42% tickets to women, highest among all political parties. Mamata didi proved that she not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. 

Mamata Banerjee: The Real Bengal Tigress

Beginning from her school days, she has gained vast experience in her political career. It takes a lot of mental strength and a fearless attitude to uproot the left front citadel of 34 years. The feisty leader knows that only poison can counter poison.  A tough nut to crack, Didi, leaves no bar left to attack the opposition. People can have different viewpoints on her policies, but the guts of the lady who without any godfather forayed into politics and became one of the most sought-after faces of Indian politics is laudable.

She has built her career - fearlessly and aggressively - and what she today is the outcome of her struggle, labor, and hard work. She has an aura about her, which is difficult to explain but impossible to ignore. Throughout her political life, she has always faced tough challenges bravely and tried to convert them into opportunities - Pranab MukherjeeFormer President Of India

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