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Khirer Putul Story (Doll of condensed milk) is traditional Bengali folklore that has captured the imagination of Bengali children for generations. Do you remember the fascinating granny's tales when good always used to win over evil? We all have dreamt of these fairy tales. Read this memorable story in short.

Khirer Putul Story
Khirer Putul Story

Khirer Putul Story

Once upon a time, there was a King in Deepnagar, who had two queens, Suorani and Duorani. Suorani's beauty had enchanted the King. He used to neglect the elder Queen Duorani. 

Suorani had seven palaces, seven hundred slaves, and jewelry from seven kingdoms in her chest. Duorani lived in a small cottage and had minimal items in her home. She used to wear tattered clothes. She was living life in miserable conditions.

One day Raja decided to go on a trip. Seven ships were decked up to accompany him. He went to his favorite Queen Suorani and asked, "what do you want me to bring for you". She said she wants red rubies, gold, pearl, and blue saree like the sky that is as feathery as the wind and as light as water. 

Next, he went to Duorani and asked what does she want. She said, " King, you are going on a long trip. I want you to come back safely. I don't need gold or silver. Bring a black-faced monkey for me".

King embarked on the trip abroad. The whole journey, he was only thinking about Suorani and bought all the items as directed by his beloved Queen. The King came back and realized that he completely forgot about the monkey. He ordered his minister to bring a black-faced monkey. 

King was happy. He straight went to the Suorani's chamber and showed her all the gifts. Queen one-by-one tried all the items. But to his dismay, she didn't approve any jewelry. She found them ill-fitted. King became sad, and with a heavy heart, went to meet Duorani. He gave her the monkey. Duorani was delighted to see the monkey.

Days passed by, and Duorani started treating the monkey like a son. One day monkey asked her, " Mother, why do you look towards the palace and become so sorrowful". 

Duorani said, " Son, Once I used to stay in that palace and those seven hundred slaves and expensive jewelry, they were mine. Then King married Suorani, and my life became miserable. If only I can give birth to a son, then I can get away from poverty". Monkey pacified her that he will set everything fine.

The next day, the monkey went to King's court and reported that Duorani is expecting a child. King was over the moon as he had no child. He built a new palace for Duorani. 

Khirer Putul Bengali Story for Kids

When Suorani heard this news, she became furious and tried to give poison to Duorani. But, the monkey failed her plans. 

After nine months, the monkey informed the King of the good news that the Queen has given birth to a prince. The King was ecstatic and wanted to see the prince. Monkey played a trick and said that an astrologer has predicted that if he sees the prince's face before marriage, then he will die. 

Monkey also told him about the poisoning incident. Raja became furious and sent Suorani to jail.

Years passed by. The monkey and Duorani lived in the palace peacefully. After ten years, one day, they got the news that the King has fixed the prince's marriage. 

Duorani became nervous that now everyone will know the truth that she has no son. Monkey calmed her, " Mother, Don't worry. It's in fate. If the Goddess Sasthi wants, she will surely bless you with a son". Goddess Sasthi is known as the benefactor and protector of children. 

Monkey asked Suorani to make a prince of condensed milk. The condensed milk prince was kept in the decorated palanquin. The marriage procession stopped for some time to take rest in the forest. 

Goddess Shashti
Goddess Sashti

Goddess Sasthi was hungry. When she saw the condensed milk prince, she started eating it.  Monkey caught her red-handed. He argued, " Goddess, you ate our prince. Now return the favor and give us a prince back". Goddess gave him a real prince. 

The prince got married. Meanwhile, Duorani was very worried. But, then she saw that King has come back with the prince and daughter-in-law. The monkey became King's closest advisor. And they lived happily ever after.

Bengali Channel Zee Bangla is all set to bring this story in a televised format. Sudipta Roy will play the role of queen Duorani.

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