IT Work From Home Increases Stress, Anxiety : Boon For Executives, Bane For Engineers ?

Coronavirus pandemic compelled companies to allow remote work for employees. It changed the working pattern. The Startling response is that a large section of employees who used to think work from home is a boon is now actually not finding it appealing anymore. Too much of stress and pressure is affecting their mental health. In Bengaluru, some giant MNCs declared a day off for their employees to keep them off the stress. Managers are under the impression that employees are available 24*7. On top of it, higher authorities are skeptical of your performance.

Work From Home Increase Stress , Anxiety
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Remote Work: A Big Question On Productivity

Due to pandemic, to follow social distancing, maids and nanny are not allowed in housing societies. Working parents are struggling to separate responsibilities. The environment at home is toxic and unhealthy, and it's severely impacting the family. WFH culture has changed your routine. The whole day you are in front of your laptop, but despite toiling hard, your superiors are not satisfied. Companies have declared that this year there will be no hike, and promotions cannot possibly happen. The job market looks doomy. Every other day there are reports of layoff. There are panic and fear-mongering among employees, and little done to provide support. People are skipping lunch/dinner to attend calls, no schedule is maintained. The Instant meeting at odd hours has become a new normal. Vulnerable employees are striving to strike a work-life balance. No timetable, no motivation, and always there is a question on your productivity.

Work From Home Hikes Stress

No wonder, isolation, anxiety, and depression have come out as a significant problem when working remotely. People find it difficult to unplug from the job. Reports suggest that those who work remotely are highly stressed, and it's mentally exhausting than the on-site. Remote workers devote long hours and are extra productive to show their commitment to the organization. State of Remote Work 2020 states that remote work is the new normal. As per their survey, the four main hurdles in remote work are loneliness(20%), not being able to unplug(18%), collaboration and communication(20%), and staying motivated(7%).

Woking Hour In India Is Highest

It's the quality, not the quantity of the jobs that makes a difference. Work is not just about meeting material needs. People also need to have the opportunity to fulfilling personal lives as well. According to the International labor organization, the ideal work hour in developed countries is 40 hrs/week, while in the developing world it's 48 hrs/week. National sample survey office's labor force survey reveals that working hours in India is the highest in the world. In urban areas, it's 60-84 hrs/week.

How To Reduce Stress When You Work From Home

According to Mental health organization, UK, staying at home may be bringing back memories of bad times to people who have experienced depression or trauma. Do a little extra for those who are more vulnerable if you notice changes in their behavior. Encourage your peers and be compassionate. Listen to your colleagues and be sympathetic towards them. When you draft your response, think for a minute about how it will affect the other person. Treat people like the way you want to be treated. This world will never be the same again.

Do mention your thoughts about how you are coping up with the pressure.

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