15 Reasons Why Bengali Girls Are The Best

Bengali girls are one of the most beautiful creations of God. It seems God takes extra time to carve them before sending them to earth. Beauty with brains is an apt word to describe them.

Beautiful Eyes

Why Bengali Girls are beautiful
Image Source - Flickr(Masud Ananda)

She can kill with her eyes. Those big dark almond eyes are magically intriguing. Her bright eyes seem to light up the world. Don't look deep into that you will surely fall in love with her.

Radiating Skin

Their skin texture is even and smooth because of their food habits and genes. In Bengali household, fish and rice are part of the daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids in Fish are considered important for maintaining skin health.  This high protein diet does magic to their skin. Learn about the best creams for dry skin in India

Nickname For Bengali Girls 

You don't have to think of a love name for her. She already has many nicknames like Shonai, Pupai, Manti, Puttu, etc. to name a few. 


They are graceful and have a very charming personality. You will find yourself lost in them.

Thick and Long Hair

Hair is a symbol of femininity. Those long lustrous hairs reflect their identity. Thanks to their genes, most Bengali beauties have them.


Bengalis are artistic. Most Bengali girls, while growing up, get some exposure to the fine arts like music, dance, painting, or other creative things. You name it, and there they are fully trained in that skill. They value knowledge.

Love to eat and Love to feed

 A Bong girl is a food lover. Dieting word isn't in their dictionary. By default, they love food. Indeed they celebrate everything with food.

She can cook mind-blowing dishes as well. By default, they love to eat fish and Rasagulla. But, don't get surprised if Chowmein and Chicken Chilly or Dum Biriyani turn out to be their favorite. Read about the best Bengali restaurants in Bangalore that you must try


Smart and Intelligent

The society in Bengal is less patriarchal than other parts of India. Hence, Girls from Bengal are amazingly smart, confident, and independent.

Stand On Everything 

She has an opinion on everything. They won't bluff a topic if they don’t know. They value knowledge. They can debate on India politics to International issues. Debate with them, you will know their intellectual quotient.


They all are very sharp-tongued. They can also opt for a good punch if required. They can tackles a situation like a bull without flinching their eye. She uses whatever words come to her mind and don't fear anyone. She can give you life.

Freedom Lovers

Bengal has the second-highest number of freedom fighters. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's legacy is still alive in them. These strong girls are ready to fly.  They possess the confidence to walk the talk. Sushmita Sen adopted her first daughter Renee at the young age of 24.

Bengalis love freedom


Bong girls are usually independent and self-reliant. They are very sharp. They know how to rise in career. They are generally voracious readers of storybooks and novels. You can bring a smile to her face if you gift her a good book. Bengali families are very serious about studies. They appreciate the education of males and females equally.

Love For Saree

It was the Tagore family who taught the Bengalis how to drape a modern saree. They are rooted in their culture. A Bengali girl looks damn sizzling in six-yard of traditional Bengali saree. She carries it off with grace and looks gorgeous enough to make you fall for her.

Guide During Durga Puja

A Bengali girl will make your Durga Puja different. She will become your guide as Bengalis love to do Pandal hopping. Their Visarjan dance is epic.


In general, Bengali girls love to gossip and friends enjoy their company. They pass on information about everything that is going on in the world. No matter whether they have knowledge on that topic or not.

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